"In the less-predictable “The Revolutionists,” Charlotte Corday, of all people, is a flat-out riot. Emily Kester is a manic presence from the instant her Corday appears in frightening navy blue lipstick and frosty blond hair, matching her spectacular dress (David Burdick’s high-style costumes are terrific). “You can write my line while I practice my stabbing and scary eyes,” Corday tells Olympe as Kester’s wild gaze briefly stops the show." The book on Lauren Gunderson, topping U.S. theater charts  - Washington Post, Nelson Pressley

"Making an impressive Everyman debut, Emily Kester rounds out the production as young, vacant, one-pose-suits-all actress Brooke Ashton; the backstage scene of Brooke blithely going through yoga and vocal exercises as bedlam breaks out all around her is a production highlight."  Everyman Theatre cast romps through 'Noises Off' - Baltimore Sun, Tim Smith

"Emily Kester takes the cake for cute, embodying in Brooke That Actor who delivers memorized lines reliably, regardless of circumstance. Whether Brooke or Vikki, Kester is adorable and handles her costuming peculiarities perfectly." BWW Review: Everyman Makes A Ruckus With NOISES OFF - Broadway World, Cybele Pomeroy

"Portraying a woman disoriented by love, loss and grief, the fine actress Emily Kester anchors, and lends aching poignancy to, NextStop Theatre’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s “Eurydice.” A graceful staging of Sarah Ruhl’s ‘Eurydice’ at NextStop Theatre - Washington Post, Celia Wren

"Kia is as exotic a thing that's been in the Schwartz household for a while and is an object of fascination for them, and the audience. [...] In the role, Kester dazzles." BWW Review: Amusing THE LAST SCHWARTZ at Theater J - Broadway World, Roger Catli

"The gift that never fails to give, though, seems to be the gorgeous shiksa whose every cheerful inanity dumbfounds the Schwartzes [...] and the wide-eyed Kester does the bimbo thing extremely well, especially once the family goes to bed and she fires up a joint in the living room." A late D.C. debut for ‘Last Schwartz’ - Washington Post, Nelson Pressley

 "...what’s best about the production [...] is the edgy, energetic acting of Emily Kester and Maboud Ebrahimzadeh as Marianne and Nick. Kester is excellent at conveying Marianne’s grim commitment, while Ebrahimzadeh magnetically combines a casual facade with bottled fury." Edgar & Annabel’ at Studio Theatre - Washington Post -Nelson Pressley